State Library Commission

The State Library Commission meets biannually to advise on matters relating to the operation and services of the State Library.


Ms. Mary Bartlett (2025/Gubernatorial Appointee)


Ms. Tammy Baggett (2025/Gubernatorial Appointee)

Ms. Dawn Behrend (2025/NC Library Association Vice President)

Ms. Brigitte Blanton (2025/NC Public Library Directors Association Representative)

Ms. Rachel Fuerst (2022/Gubernatorial Appointee)

Ms. Julianne Moore (2026/NC Public Library Directors Association Representative)

Ms. Lee Ann Minton (2023/Speaker of the House Appointee)

Ms. Barbara Pendry (2022/Gubernatorial Appointee)

Ms. Dorothy Rapp (2023/Gubernatorial Appointee)

Mr. Jimi Rider (2022/Gubernatorial Appointee)

Ms. Theresa Scott (2025/Gubernatorial Appointee)

Ms. Libby Stone (2023/NC Library Association President)

Ms. Karen Wallace (2023/NC Public Library Directors Association Representative)

Dr. Ricky Woods (2023/Gubernatorial Appointee)

TBA (President Pro Tempore of the Senate Appointee)

Ex Officio Member

Ms. Michelle Underhill, State Librarian

Previous Commission Meetings

State Library Commission Meetings are recorded live and posted up on our YouTube page. 

Fall Library Commission Meeting: November 11, 2021