How to Find North Carolina State Government Publications Information

Monday, January 27, 2020

NC State Capitol, Raleigh, NC, from the southeast, early 1940s. From the Albert Barden Collection, North Carolina State Archives.The Government and Heritage Library (GHL) is the official repository for North Carolina publications produced by state government. This extensive collection—more than 100,000 volumes of print and digital government publications—dates from the late 18th century up to the present day.

What are government publications?

North Carolina state government agencies issue or publish hundreds of documents and publications every year. There are many types of government-produced publications including reports, datasheets, curriculum reviews, wildlife and agricultural profiles, historical surveys, newsletters, and many more. Government publications can be either print or digital and cover a wide range of subjects including health care, agriculture, transportation, and education.



Learn more with Government publications LibGuides

Because there is such a wide range of government information available, GHL staff created guides to help users discover information in state publications more easily. Some examples of guides include:Screenshot of the North Carolina State Budget LibGuide.

  • North Carolina State Budget

    A guide to the North Carolina state budget, including an overview of the budget process and links to available publications—past and current.

  • Financial Publications of North Carolina

    Several North Carolina state agencies perform budget and financial management functions for state government.  These financial reports ensure the transparency of the state's finances. This guide focuses on those state agencies and their financial publications.

  • North Carolina Court Reports

    A guide to the final outcomes of cases heard in North Carolina, published opinions, and more, from the two highest courts in North Carolina—the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals.

  • Data Resources

    This guide helps users find links to North Carolina and federal statistics, including ways to search statistics by subject or through frequently used databases.

  • Session Laws

    Links to individual Session Law volumes located in the North Carolina Digital Collections. 1777-current

A comprehensive list of guides can be found at If you’ve looked at a guide and still have questions, or if you would like additional help finding information, please see our contact page.

How to access government publications

To find a state publication, start with a search in the GHL library catalog. If a publication is available in digital format there will be a link to it in the North Carolina Digital Collections from the catalog record. If the publication exists only in print and the GHL has two copies, it may be checked out. If you are not in the Raleigh area, the print publications can be obtained through resource sharing (NC Cardinal libraries) or interlibrary loan at your public library.

Jennifer Davison, Head of Content Management and Access