BARD Roundup - June 2021 most downloaded local braille

Here are the most downloaded locally produced braille titles for June 2021

This month we're featuring the most downloaded locally produced braille, braille books that were transcribed into braille in NC. For June 2021 here are some NC local braille titles to download and enjoy:

  • BRC01778 - Changing places: [things I learned at the NC State School for the Blind in the 1950s] by Myra Yarborough DeBruhl
  • BRC01828 - Quilt or innocence: a Southern quilting mystery by Elizabeth Spann Craig
  • BRC01786 - A fork in the road: a story of chronic illness, fortitude, faith and our nation by Craig B Brown
  • BRC01787 - Blind justice by Craig B Brown
  • BRC01794 - Between the creeks: my Sapony adventures: tales of a boy and the family and friends who helped shape his life by Roy A Cooper, Jr.
  • BRC01455 - Lucky to see at all: one man's journey with visual impairment by William Bryan Waters

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