Government and Heritage Library Staff

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Kelly Eubank Director, Government and Heritage Library 919-814-6809
Kelly Agan Reference Services Supervisor 919-814-6805
Clarisa Arguello Outreach Librarian 919-814-6819
Erin Bradford Genealogy Reference Librarian 919-814-6818
Jennifer Davison Head of Content Management and Access 919-814-6810
Jared Dease Digital Projects Librarian 919-814-6788
Jessica Efron Cataloging Librarian 919-814-6825
Rebecca Forbes Cataloging Librarian 919-814-6811
Victoria Haas Digital Projects Librarian 919-814-6804
Jennifer Hanft Head of Content and Information Delivery 919-814-6813
Beth Hayden Reference Services and Data Librarian 919-814-6822
Wanda Hearne Acquisitions Library Technical Assistant 919-814-6808
Erin Holmes Digital Services Supervisor 919-814-6806
Denise Jones State Publications Clearinghouse Liaison 919-814-6812
Michael Millner Systems & Applications Support Librarian 919-814-6816
Andrea Smythe Systems & Web Services Librarian
Laura Stirling Collections Technician 919-814-6787
Taylor Thompson Reference Assistant 919-814-6807
Velappan Velappan Collection Unit Supervisor 919-814-6821
Jim Young Cataloging Library Clerk 919-814-6814