Support our Library

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Government and Heritage Library (GHL) and our collection. The GHL seeks to preserve, maintain, and enhance a wide ranging and scholarly collection for users to obtain a complete picture of North Carolina - its people, history, and growth; its relationship to the region and the country as a whole; its government and institutions; and its arts and culture. In addition, materials in the collection support the research needs of state agency employees, support and complement agency library collections, provide North Carolina government publications to libraries throughout the state, and provide state and federal information to all researchers. The bulk of the collection consists of materials published from the 19th century to the current day, with a small selection of materials from earlier periods. 

If you have any questions about ways you can support our collection, please contact the Collection Unit Manager, Velappan Velappan, 919-814-6821.

Donating to the library

The Government and Heritage Library welcomes donations that further the mission of the library and fit within the scope of our Collection Development Guidelines. The library accepts materials with the understanding that acceptance of a donation does not guarantee inclusion into the collection. The library retains unconditional ownership of all donations and makes final decision on acceptance, use, and/or disposition.

All prospective donors must complete our donation request form and attach a complete list of the materials that they wish to donate, including authors and publication dates. A GHL staff member will review this list for items needed by the library and will get back to you to discuss if your items fit our collecting scope.

What we do not accept is listed below:

  • Photocopies of in-print or out-of-print copy written materials published after 1923.
  • Materials in poor condition from use or that contain mold, mildew, or strong odors.
  • Materials that require costly conservation or repair, except in rare cases.
  • Materials that include donor restrictions impacting public use, except in rare cases.

Please bring accepted donations to the GHL during regular business hours or feel free to mail in your donation. Please include a completed Gift Donation Form.

Mail to: State Library of North Carolina, Government and Heritage Library, 4640 Mail Service Center, Raleigh. NC 27699-4600, Attn. Velappan Velappan

Request a purchase

If you know of a resource you think we should have, please fill out our purchase request form. A GHL staff member will keep you updated on the status of the request.

Other donations

If you would like to make other donations or contributions to our collections to support the library, please contact Velappan Velappan directly.