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Descriptive Videos are movies that have a voice describing actions, characteristics, and dress of the actors, as well as details of the scenery or setting. This descriptive voice speaks during the time when there is no dialogue. These videos can be enjoyed by everyone, both sighted and visually impaired. Our videos play on ordinary VCRs, DVD players and televisions. The library does not loan or repair video equipment.

Descriptive Video Demonstration Clips:

To get Descriptive Videos in DVD or VHS formats, you need to become a member of the DVS club by filling out the Descriptive Video Membership Form or by calling the library at 1-888-388-2460. Only active library patrons can be members of the DVS club. All videos go through the mail Free Matter for the Blind. Individuals may borrow one video at a time; institutions may borrow up to three. The loan period is three weeks.

When you contact us to let us know you would like to receive descriptive videos or we receive your membership form, we will send you a catalog of DVS titles, which you may use to order videos. There are also online audio and text versions of the catalog. Descriptive videos can also be found in our online catalog ( in both DVD and VHS formats. The library staff doesn't make video selections for you; it is your responsibility to ensure that the library has a list of requests. You may send your video requests by mail or phone in up to 12 at a time on our toll-free line at 1-888-388-2460. You may send as many requests as you like, but we can't send the videos in any particular order or guarantee a specific time when they will be sent. Please order your videos by catalog number. As we receive a returned video in the mail, we will send another. Please remember that we only send another video if you have requests on file, and if your requests are available. As new titles are added to the collection, they will be listed in the library’s newsletter, Tar Heel Talk. We update the video catalog as new titles are added and it is available as online audio, text or by subscription on BOD cartridge. For further assistance please contact the library.