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Writing Contest Winners

We are pleased to present the stories from the 2020 and 2021 Writing Contests in an audio format! Each of the entries were judged based on their clarity, spelling, grammar, creativity, and impact. We received so many fantastic entries and the judging process was difficult.

The entries were produced for an NLS Talking Book player for easy navigation. These versions of the entry will not have navigation points, but for the entries with chapters and parts you will hear a notification indicating how the entry is marked. Excluding the entries from Edward Rizzuto and Toni Horton, the narrator of the selected stories is our studio volunteer, Florence Nash. Here are our Writing Contest winners! 

2020 Writing Contest Winners


1st Place - The Bunnies, by Kristine Gupta 10 minutes

2nd Place - Me and My Dog, by Edward Rizzuto 3 minutes


1st Place - The Haunted Hunters, by Avery Boyer 30 minutes

2021 Writing Contest Winners

1st Place – Goines On, by Moristotle 21 minutes

2nd Place – Mama Outsider, by Willi Coleman 2 minutes

3rd Place – Money and Motherhood, by Robert Bizal  4 minutes

Honorable Mentions

Suitcase Odyssey, by Karen Bright 24 minutes

A Simple Walk, by Eddie Weaver 1 minute

Everybody’s got a Road, by Edward Rizzuto  4 minutes

Dating Online, by Hattie Tyson 3 minutes

Where Danger and Blessing Meet, by Diane Pitre 13 minutes

The Visitor and the Amaranth, by Diana Soto 21 minutes

Why Do I Know You, by Mark Hughes 4 minutes

The Altar of Grace, by Rebecca Tilley 13 minutes

10 Pieces of the Puzzle of Life, by Toni Horton 26 minutes

Attic Windows, by Diann Cunningham 16 minutes

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