Everything You Need to Spice Up Your Winter!

Thanks for signing up for our Winter Reading Challenge. To get you started, we've prepared some curated lists for you to order from us or download!

Youth Winter Reading List

Young Adult Winter Reading List

Adult Winter Reading List

Looking for ways to earn extra points during our Winter Reading Challenge? Try rating and reviewing the books you read. In addition to the point you receive for reading one book, rating that book will earn you an extra point, and writing a review of at least 50 words will earn you 8 points.

To participate in our rate and review program, simply fill out the form at the following link: slnc.info/ABLS_SRBR

Finally, to celebrate National Braille Month this coming January, any braille book that you check out or download will be counted five times more than books in other formats. There’s no need to sign up for this specific challenge if you are registered for our Winter Reading Challenge. All you must do is check out braille books from us, and they will be automatically added to your score! Patrons earning the top score for the month of January in each category will win a prize!

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