Director of Library Services - Braswell Memorial Public Library


Description: The Director is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the overall library services which meet community needs and interests. The Director assists with private fundraising associated with the Foundation and Friends of the Library. The Director is accountable for regularly updating the library’s planning documents. As part of these planning initiatives, the Director recommends changes in organization, staffing, budgeting, materials, equipment, technology, and/or facilities to meet priority needs. The Director serves as chief financial analyst and budget officer and is accountable for preparing a detailed annual budget using federal, state, private, and local funds. Public contact is required to market services and collections to the general public and to facilitate communication with customers. Overall responsibility for maintaining and improving operating performance, organization effectiveness, employee satisfaction, and customer service is vested with this position. The Director responsible for serving as a primary point of contact for all Trustee communication and interaction.

Qualifications: Master’s Degree in library science from an accredited institution and extensive experience in planning, development, and administration of library services. Two to five years of experience in leadership roles. Eligible for NC Public Librarian Certification.

Salary: $76,000 - $106,000