University Library Specialist / Data Projects and Partnerships - Hunt Library, NC State University Libraries


Description: The University Library Specialist applies technical, metadata, and data skills to support the expanding and increasingly complex responsibilities of the Data Projects & Partnerships (DPP) unit, as well as the Acquisitions & Discovery department and the Libraries as a whole. In addition, this position deeply considers how their approach to their daily work reflects and advances the Libraries’ core values of equity, diversity, and inclusion, including but not limited to how they pertain to metadata, web technologies, or discovery systems. Plays a key role in auditing, designing, creating, and implementing databases that facilitate departmental productivity, as well as serving discovery and retrieval through the use of metadata. Contributes to voucher creation and P-card reconciliation. Oversees the collection of monthly statistics, performs analysis, and creates reports annually Position Description and for specific purposes, including accreditation.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree and one year of experience in a library or in archives or records management; or High School diploma or equivalency and five years of experience in a library or in archives or records management; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Salary: $53,150