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Edge Technology Grants

The Library Edge helps libraries assess their operations and plan for the future. With the vision that “all people have the opportunity to improve their lives through technology services available in public libraries,” Edge uses benchmarks to help libraries evaluate themselves. It goes a step further by offering tools to build capacity and improve services. (For more information see: The goal of the LSTA EZ Edge Technology Program is to help public libraries that have identified areas of improvement using the 2017 Edge Assessment and have developed a 2017 Action Plan based on that assessment to meet the public access technology needs of their communities. The State Library of North Carolina will offer LSTA funding, provided through de-obligated 2017-2018 funds to support libraries in addressing the 2017-2018 Action Plan. The LSTA EZ Edge Grant Application will be available on January 26, 2018 on the State Library’s website. Click here to see a sample application.

Who Is Eligible?

Public libraries that meet eligibility requirements for the Aid to Public Libraries Fund, AND that have:

  • Submitted an Edge assessment during the FY2017-2018; and
  • developed a FY2017-2018 Action Plan of priorities using the Edge website.

All eligible libraries may apply; libraries that have not previously received an EZ Edge Technology award will have priority for available funds.

How Much Money Is Available?

Libraries are eligible for reimbursement of $3,000 to $8,000 for the purchase of hardware, peripherals, and supplies that support the improvement of public access technology identified by the FY2017-2018 Edge Assessment; added warranties and subscriptions are not allowable.

How Will The LSTA EZ Edge Technology Program Work?

Libraries will select one or more Edge Benchmark(s) to address from their FY2017-2018 Action Plan and submit an online application to the State Library by March 9, 2018. The agency will review applications and notify applicants via email of funding decisions by March 21, 2018. After grant agreements have been distributed AND all parties have signed the grant agreement, approved expenditures may begin through June 30th. A single LSTA Reimbursement Request Form must be submitted no later than July 31, 2018; a final report is due on August 31, 2018.

Due to the tight timeline of this program, we realize that all interested libraries may not be able to participate at this time.

What Can I Buy?

All purchases must relate to improving one or more specific Edge Benchmark(s) on the library’s Action Plan. Computer hardware such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, monitors, printers, software, servers or routers, assistive equipment, presentation and multimedia hardware, and accessories related to the items to be purchased (please be aware of ADA-compliance issues) are all allowable. Funding for added warranties, licenses, and/or subscriptions is not allowable.

Other Required Materials

A signed Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) Form must be returned with the grant agreement for libraries that will purchase any technology that will access the Internet.


For questions related to the grant application, contact Jackie Haske, Grants Assistant, at or 919-807-7428. For questions related to the Edge Initiative Assessment or Action Plan contact Amanda Johnson, at or 919-807-7421.