Book a Librarian

Photo of librarian assisting patron with text "Discover More - Explore North Carolina: Genealogy, History, Government, Statistics with an expert!"

The Government and Heritage Library is offering a service called Book A Librarian! You can schedule a free 30 minute consultation by calling or emailing the library. Our staff can help you with questions about genealogy research, NC statistics and demographics, and legislative history. When you schedule your appointment, we will match you up with the best librarian for your research needs.


Photo of Erin Bradford

Erin Bradford has studied genealogy for almost 30 years. Her particular interest is in antebellum North Carolina and free African Americans.

Erin will assist researchers with genealogical research.



Photo of Elizabeth Hayden

Elizabeth Hayden worked as Demographics and Reference Librarian before becoming Reference Resources Supervisor at the Government and Heritage Library. She has taught classes on using the US Census as well as other data and demographic sources and has worked closely with the NC State Data Center.

Beth will assist with questions about NC statistics and demographics.


How do you Book A Librarian? Call the Government & Heritage Library at 919-814-6790 or fill out the form below.  Please indicate that you are requesting a Book-A-Librarian appointment.