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Four New Books on NOBLE!

We’ve added four new titles to our NOBLE collection! All recorded in our studios, these newest additions include The Life and Times of Asheville’s Thomas Wolfe, Longneedle, Adulting at the Moto-Lodge: A Humours Family Life Romp, and our Writing Contest Winners from 2020 and 2021! Download them and listen to them on your talking book player or give us a call and we can send them to you on your next cartridge!

The Life and Times of Asheville’s Thomas Wolfe DBC06120

Longneedle DBC06121

Adulting at the Moto-lodge: A Humorous Family Life Romp DBC06122

NC ABLS Writing Contest Winners DBC06123

If you're not an ABLS patron, you can still listen to our Writing Contest Winners Stories on site!

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