2023 New Acquisitions Booklist

Title Author Publication Year Shelving Location Full Call Number
The African American struggle for library equality : the untold story of the Julius Rosenwald Fund Library Program Johnson-Jones, Aisha M. 2019 Adult Nonfiction 027.63 J71a
Haunted Kernersville Hargett, Kelly McGuire 2021 Adult Nonfiction 133.109756 H297h
Carolina haints : ghosts, folklore, and mysteries of the old north state Sellers, Dan 2021 Adult Nonfiction 133.109756 S467c
Beyond the boundaries of childhood : African American children in the antebellum North Webster, Crystal Lynn 2021 Adult Nonfiction 305.23089 W377b
The worst passions of human nature : White supremacy in the Civil War North Escott, Paul D. 2020 Adult Nonfiction 305.8 E74w
Black in White space : the enduring impact of color in everyday life Anderson, Elijah 2022 Adult Nonfiction 305.800973 A546b
No common ground : Confederate monuments and the ongoing fight for racial justice Cox, Karen L. 2021 Adult Nonfiction 305.800973 C877n
Monumental harm : reckoning with Jim Crow Era Confederate monuments Hartley, Roger C. 2021 Adult Reference 305.800975 H332m
Freedom farmers : agricultural resistance and the black freedom movement White, Monica M. (Monica Marie) 2018 Adult Nonfiction 306.349 W586f
Ella Baker's catalytic leadership : a primer on community engagement and communication for social justice Parker, Patricia Sue 2020 Adult Nonfiction 323.092 B167P
Recasting the vote : how women of color transformed the suffrage movement Cahill, Cathleen D. 2020 Adult Nonfiction 324.62309252 C132r
The vote collectors : the true story of the scamsters, politicians, and preachers behind the nation's greatest electoral fraud Graff, Michael (Journalist) 2021 Adult Nonfiction 324.66 G736v
Usurpers : how voters stopped the GOP takeover of North Carolina's courts Corriher, Billy 2021 Adult Nonfiction 328.33455 C825u
Going down tobacco road : R.J. Reynolds' tobacco empire : the gold leaf and North Carolina Hoots, Gene 2020 Adult Nonfiction 338.17371 H783g
Compact copyright : quick answers to common questions Benson, Sara R. 2021 Adult Reference 346.730482 B474c
Everybody eats : communication and the paths to food justice LeGreco, Marianne 2021 Adult Nonfiction 363.88309756 L518e
The streets belong to us : sex, race, and police power from segregation to gentrification Fischer, Anne Gray 2022 Adult Nonfiction 364.1322 F529s
Murder in Roanoke County : race and justice in the 1891 Susan Watkins case Long, John Dewey 2019 Adult Nonfiction 364.15230975 L848m
Transforming the elite : black students and the desegregation of private schools Purdy, Michelle A. 2018 Adult Nonfiction 371.020975 P985t
My work among the freedmen : the Civil War and Reconstruction letters of Harriet M. Buss Buss, Harriet M. 2021 Adult Nonfiction 371.1009034 B981m
A better life for their children : Julius Rosenwald, Booker T. Washington, and the 4,978 schools that changed America Feiler, Andrew 2021 Adult Nonfiction 371.829 F298b
To drink from the well : the struggle for racial equality at the nation's oldest public university Kapur, Geeta N. 2021 Adult Nonfiction 378.053 K17t
Saving the wild South : the fight for native plants on the brink of extinction Eubanks, Georgann 2021 Adult Nonfiction 581.680975 E86s
Sharks in the shallows : attacks on the Carolina coast Creswell, W. Clay 2021 Adult Nonfiction 597.30975 C923s
The gems of Hiddenite, North Carolina : mining history, geology and mineralogy Jacobson, Mark Ivan 2021 Adult Reference 622.386 J17g
The lost Southern chefs : a history of commercial dining in the nineteenth-century South Moss, Robert F. 2022 Adult Nonfiction 641.5975 M913l
Edible North Carolina : a journey across a state of flavor Ferris, Marcie Cohen (editor) 2022 Adult Nonfiction 641.59756 E23e
Rodney Scott's world of BBQ : every day is a good day Scott, Rodney (Restaurant owner) 2021 Adult Nonfiction 641.76 S428r
On barbecue Reed, John Shelton 2021 Adult Nonfiction 641.760973 R324o
Just work : get sh*t done, fast & fair Scott, Kim (Kim Malone) 2021 Adult Nonfiction 658.3008 S427j
Gunsmiths and allied craftsmen of Virginia Whisker, James B. 2019 Adult Reference 683.4009755 W576g
Romare Bearden in the homeland of his imagination : an artist's reckoning with the South Gilmore, Glenda Elizabeth 2022 Adult Nonfiction 700.92 G488r
Romare Bearden in the homeland of his imagination : an artist's reckoning with the South Gilmore, Glenda Elizabeth 2022 Adult Nonfiction 700.92 G488r
Tobacco barns, preserving history in the Old Belt Preservation Virginia 2019 Adult Nonfiction 728.922 P933t
May we forever stand : a history of the Black national anthem Perry, Imani 2018 Adult Nonfiction 782.265 P463m
Citizenship on Catfish Row : race and nation in American popular culture Harpham, Geoffrey Galt 2022 Adult Nonfiction 792.092 H295c
Sylvia Hatchell : the life and basketball legacy Herrin, Roberta T. 2021 Adult Nonfiction 796.323092 H361H
To live and play in Dixie : pro football's entry into the Jim Crow South Jacobus, Robert 2021 Adult Nonfiction 796.330975 J17t
North Carolina : land of water, land of sky Simpson, Bland 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 917.56 S613l
The devil's half acre : the untold story of how one woman liberated the South's most notorious slave jail Green, Kristen (journalist) 2022 Adult Nonfiction 920.72 G796d
Upon her shoulders : Southeastern Native women share their stories of justice, spirit, and community Jacobs, Mary Ann (editor) 2022 Adult Nonfiction 920.72 J17u
Unceasing militant : the life of Mary Church Terrell Parker, Alison M. (Alison Marie) 2020 Adult Nonfiction 920.72 P238u
Mighty justice : my life in civil rights Roundtree, Dovey Johnson 2019 Adult Nonfiction 920.72 R859m
Native American women leaders : fourteen profiles Rielly, Edward J. 2022 Adult Nonfiction 920.7208997 R555n
DNA for Native American genealogy Estes, Roberta 2021 Adult Reference 929.1 E79d
Beneath the Black Walnut : a Jordan genealogy : brothers Robert & Henry Jordan of Halifax County, Virginia; their Jordan ancestors and descendants Jordan, Stuart McGuire 2022 Adult Storage Reference 929.2 J82Jr
The Quanders : since 1684, an enduring African American legacy Quander, Rohulamin 2021 Adult Storage Reference 929.2 Q15q
Twice forgotten : African Americans and the Korean War, an oral history Cline, David P. 2021 Adult Nonfiction 951.9042 C641t
Quatie Ross : first lady of the Cherokee Nation Simpson, Dorothy Audrey 2018 Adult Storage Nonfiction 970.3 R823S
To know the soul of a people : religion, race, and the making of southern folk Drake, Jamil W. 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.0496 D761t
Mastering emotions : feelings, power, and slavery in the United States Dwyer, Erin Austin 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.0496 D993m
Black history, 1619-2019 : an illustrated and documented African-American history Yocum, Sandra K. 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.0496 Y54b
March to independence : the Revolutionary War in the Southern colonies, 1775-1776 Cecere, Michael 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.3 C387m
The Virginia militia in the first war for independence Whisker, James B. 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.3455 W576v
The ledger and the chain : how domestic slave traders shaped America Rothman, Joshua D. 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.4 R847l
Red clay, 1835 : Cherokee removal and the meaning of sovereignty Weaver, Jace 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.56 W363r
A great sacrifice : northern Black soldiers, their families, and the experience of Civil War Mendez, James (James G.) 2019 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.7 M538g
To address you as my friend : African Americans' letters to Abraham Lincoln White, Jonathan W. (editor) 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.70896 W585t
A house built by slaves : African American visitors to the Lincoln White House White, Jonathan W. 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.7092 W585h
Tar Heels in gray : life in the 30th North Carolina infantry in the Civil War Cameron, John B. 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.7456 C182t
Black suffrage : Lincoln's last goal Escott, Paul D. 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.81 E75b
Draining the swamp, southern style : North Carolina and Florida wetlands and the Wright report scandal, 1896-1926 Epperson, Bruce D. 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.06 E64d
Slavery and class in the American south : a generation of slave narrative testimony, 1840-1865 Andrews, William L. 2020 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.09034 A572s
Determined : the 400-year struggle for Black equality Sherry, Karen A. 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.5 S553d
Pocahontas and the English boys : caught between cultures in early Virginia Kupperman, Karen Ordahl 2019 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.5010922 P739K
Dismal freedom : a history of the Maroons of the Great Dismal Swamp Morris, J. Brent 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.5523 M875d
A little child shall lead them : a documentary account of the struggle for school desegregation in Prince Edward County, Virginia Daugherity, Brian J. 2019 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.5632 D238l
In the True Blue's wake : slavery and freedom among the families of Smithfield Plantation Thorp, Daniel B. 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.5785 T517i
North Carolina : a military history : the twelfth state of the Union Maass, John R. 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.6 M111n
The French heritage of North Carolina Marchi, Dudley M. 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.600441 M317f
North Carolina's free people of color, 1715-1885 Milteer, Warren E. Jr 2020 Adult Reference 975.6023 M662n
Treason on the Cape Fear : roots of the Civil War in North Carolina, January-April 1861 Hatfield, Philip 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.6033 H362t
North Carolina in the 1940s : the decade of transformation Gerard, Philip 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.6043 G356n
Remarkable women of the Outer Banks West, Hannah Bunn 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.61 W516r
A lost colony hoax : the Chowan River Dare stone Fullam, Brandon 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.6175 F965l
Morehead City : gateway to the Crystal Coast Dudley, Jack 2019 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.6197 D847m
Camp Glenn Holland, Susan Charboneau 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.6197 H734c
Ribbons of color along the Eno River. the history of African Americans and people of color living on the Eno Volume 10, no. 1 Shaw, Sophie (editor) 2021 Adult Reference 975.656 R483 Vol. 10, no. 1
Ribbons of color along the Eno River. the history of people of color living on the Eno Volume 10, no. 2 Shaw, Sophie (editor) 2022 Adult Reference 975.656 R483 Vol. 10, no. 2
Looking to the future : then, now & beyond : bringing textile heritage, family history and stories to life in Alamance County, North Carolina Drumheller, Wayne H. (editor) 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.658 L863l
Showroom city : real estate and resistance in the furniture capital of the world Schlichtman, John Joe 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.662 S344s
Saint Peter is a Marine : the fifty year history of Marine Corps League Detachment 260, Greensboro, North Carolina : 1972 to 2022Marine Corps League (U.S.). Detachment 260 (Greenboro, N.C.) (added author) Marine Corps League (U.S.) (added author) 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.662092 S132s
Legacy : three centuries of Black history in Charlotte, North Carolina Grundy, Pamela 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.676 G889l
Tales and tombstones of Sunset Cemetery : tracing lives and memorial customs in a southern graveyard Hobbs, June Hadden 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.6775 H682t
Lost Cove, North Carolina : portrait of a vanished Appalachian community, 1864-1957 Smith, Christy A. 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.6873 S664l
Ridge lines : steps in time : selections from twelve years of Ridge Lines columns in the Hendersonville Times-News Orr, Tom (Thomas Edward) 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.692 O75r
Just over the hill : Black Appalachians in Jackson County, Western North Carolina Casey McDonald, Victoria A. 2022 Adult Reference 975.695 C338j 2022
The history of Blackwood Lumber Company : East LaPorte, North Carolina and the flood of 1940 Melton, Ann 2019 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.695 M528h
Their determination to remain : a Cherokee community's resistance to the Trail of Tears in North Carolina Greene, Lance 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.699 G799t
A South Carolina chronology Edgar, Walter B. 2020 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.7 E24s
101 people & places that shaped the American Revolution in South Carolina Edgar, Walter (editor) 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.702 O58o
The South Carolina militia, 1671-1782 Whisker, James B. 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.702 W576s
Fugitive movements : commemorating the Denmark Vesey affair and Black radical antislavery in the Atlantic world Spady, James O'Neil 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.791503 S732f
To care for the sick and bury the dead : African American lodges and cemeteries in Tennessee Gardner, Leigh Ann 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 976.8 G226t
Through the mountains : the French Broad River and time Ross, John E. 2021 Adult Nonfiction 976.8895 R824t
The Harlan renaissance : stories of Black life in Appalachian coal towns Turner, William Hobart 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 976.91 T942h
The unfinished business of unsettled things : art from an African American South Herman, Bernard L. (editor) 2022 Adult Nonfiction Oversize Oversize 709.2 H552u