February 2024 New Acquisitions Booklist

Title Author Publication Year Shelving Location Full Call Number Barcode
Cherokee intermarried white, 1906 Bowen, Jeff 2020 Adult Reference 929.39 B786c 3.3091E+13
Eastern Cherokee census : Cherokee, North Carolina, 1930-1939 Bowen, Jeff 2019 Adult Reference 929.39 B786e 1930/1939 3.3091E+13
Cherokee descendants : an index to the Guion Miller applications Bowen, Jeff (editor) 2020 Adult Reference 929.39 C521c 3.3091E+13
Brunswick County in the Great War : preserving the 1918 Fort Caswell Rifle Range and the legacies of the men and women who served Eckard, Amy. 2020 Adult Reference 940.48173 E19b 3.3091E+13
Maroons and the marooned : runaways and castaways in the Americas Bodek, Richard(editor) 2020 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.008625 M354m 3.3091E+13
Almost dead : slavery and social rebirth in the black urban Atlantic, 1680-1807 Dickinson, Michael Lawrence 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.0496073 D553a 3.3091E+13
Administering freedom : the state of emancipation after the Freedmen's Bureau Kretz, Dale 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.0496073 K92a 3.3091E+13
Free land, free country : setting down roots of revolution in America, 1600-1790 Hrastar, John 2023 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.2 H873f 3.3091E+13
In the founders' footsteps : landmarks of the American Revolution Van Doren, Adam 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.3 V217i 3.3091E+13
The book of Negroes : African Americans in exile after the American Revolution Hodges, Graham Russell(editor) 2021 Adult Reference 973.314025 B724b 3.3091E+13
The Sugar Act and the American Revolution Shumate, Kenneth C. 2023 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.32 S562s 3.3091E+13
The first 24 hours of the American Revolution : an hour by hour account of the battles of Lexington, Concord, and the British retreat on Battle Road Crowder, Jack Darrell 2018 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.3311 C953f 3.3091E+13
Virginia's continentals Cecere, Michael. 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.34455 C387v 3.3091E+13
'They were good soldiers' : African-Americans serving in the Continental Army, 1775-1783 Rees, John U. 2019 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.3460896 R328t 3.3091E+13
North Carolina roster of soldiers in War of 1812, 1812-1814 Douthat, James L. 2020 Adult Reference 973.52456 D741n 3.3091E+13
Tennessee regulars in the War of 1812 Johnson, Eric E. (Eric Eugene) 2022 Adult Reference 973.52468 J66t 3.3091E+13
Escape to the city : fugitive slaves in the antebellum urban South Müller, Viola Franziska 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.7115 M958e 3.3091E+13
Confederate States military prison at Salisbury, NC Mangum, A. W. (Adolphus Williamson) 1834-1890 2019 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.771 M277c 3.3091E+13
Something in these hills : the culture of family land in Southern Appalachia Coggeshall, John M. 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975 C676s 3.3091E+13
Starr roll 1894 (Cherokee payment rolls) Bowen, Jeff 1950- 2020 Adult Reference 975.004 B786s 3.3091E+13
The Cherokee Supreme Court : 1823-1835 Martin, J. Matthew 2021 Adult Reference 975.004 M379c 3.3091E+13
Desegregating Dixie : the Catholic Church in the South and desegregation, 1945-1992 Newman, Mark (historian) 2018 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.043 N551d 3.3091E+13
A movement in every direction : legacies of the Great Migration Brown, Jessica Bell (editor) 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.043089 M935m 3.3091E+13
A movement in every direction : a Great Migration critical reader Brown, Jessica Bell (editor) 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.043089 M935mo 3.3091E+13
Leaving the South : border crossing narratives and the remaking of Southern identity Weaks-Baxter, Mary 2019 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.043089 W361l 3.3091E+13
A history of Sharp's Island : southern tip of Talbot lost to the sea / David Carroll. Carroll, David 2021 Adult Nonfiction 975.232 C319h 3.3091E+13
Statute law in colonial Virginia : governors, assemblymen, and the revisals that forged the Old Dominion Billings, Warren M. 2021 Adult Reference 975.502 B598s 3.3091E+13
The making of American Whiteness : the formation of race in seventeenth-century Virginia Thompson, Carmen P. 2023 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.502089 T468m 3.3091E+13
Tidewater spirit : cultural landmarks, monuments & history of eastern Virginia Hatchett, Bryan 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.51 H361t 3.3091E+13
Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay : from the colonial era to the Oyster Wars Goodall, Jamie L. H. 2020 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.518 G646p 3.3091E+13
Lost Arlington County Clark, Charlie (Charles S.) 2021 Adult Nonfiction 975.5295 C596l 3.3091E+13
Richmond memories III : hidden treasures from the 1800s through today 2019 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.5451 R532r vol. 3 3.3091E+13
Williamsburg at war : Virginia's colonial capital in the Revolutionary War Cecere, Michael 2023 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.554252 C387w 3.3091E+13
A brief history of the village of Ferrum, Virginia : 1892-2019 Edwards, Karl L. 2020 Adult Nonfiction 975.568 E26b 3.3091E+13
Martinsville & Henry County memories : a photographic history of the 1800s through the 1930s 2019 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.5692 M379m 3.3091E+13
Chronicles of Botetourt County McCoy, Edwin L. 2020 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.583 M131c 3.3091E+13
A history lover's guide to North Carolina Hardy, Michael C. 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.6 H271h 3.3091E+13
The North Carolina militia, 1585-1783 Whisker, James B. 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.6 W576n 3.3091E+13
Time, typology, and point traditions in North Carolina archaeology : formative cultures reconsidered Daniel, I. Randolph 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.601 D184t 3.3091E+13
The Sandy Banks live on Rascoe, Nancy Dawson 2019 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.61 R223s 3.3091E+13
African American pioneers and settlers of Bertie County 1700-1828 Jones, Alice Eley 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.6163089 J76a 3.3091E+13
Whispers of the long departed : untold history of southern Craven County, N.C Ellis, Edward Barnes Jr 2021 Adult Reference 975.6192 E47w 3.3091E+13
Wallace N.C., home, sweet home Russ, Mary Anne 1968- 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.6382 R969w 3.3091E+13
Caraleigh : a history of south Raleigh's mill village neighborhood, 1891 to today Hill, Steven A. (Steven Anthony) 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.655 H645c 3.3091E+13
Raleigh's Oakwood Cemetery : founding to sesquicentennial, 1869-2019 : the ground, the history, the art Miller, Bruce (Bruce Grantier) 2021 Adult Reference 975.655 M647r 3.3091E+13
What we remember : personal recollections of Raleigh in the mid-twentieth century York, Smedes 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.655 Y63w 3.3091E+13
Historic black neighborhoods of Raleigh Cauthen, Carmen Wimberley 2023 Adult Reference 975.65500496 C871h 3.3091E+13
Concord Anderson, Michael 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.672 A545c 3.3091E+13
The Bost-Burrus house : a family saga Lail, G. Leroy 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.6785 L185b 3.3091E+13
Ridgeview : a rich history of dignity and strength Canipe, Robert (editor) 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.6785022 R544r 3.3091E+13