NC Cardinal Resources

All of our general resources can be found in our Knowledge Books


Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and Appendices
MOA, Bylaws, and Cost Sharing By Library documents

NC Cardinal Member Library Policies

Student Access Program

Cataloging Resources

NC Cardinal Cataloging Best Practices and Procedures - This cataloging best practices knowledge book outlines the current policies and procedures to be followed throughout the consortium, as established by the NC Cardinal Governance and Cataloging Committees. As cataloging issues arise and are addressed by the Cataloging Committee, this living document will be updated and should be consulted in place of any older document. 

Cataloging Contacts - Contact information for catalogers at each NC Cardinal library.

Cataloging Committee - Contact information for the NC Cardinal Cataloging Committee members.

Resource Sharing Resources

Resource Sharing Manual - (Contributed by the resource sharing committee) This document outlines best practices for resource sharing within NC Cardinal. All policies and procedures are recommended for implementation throughout the consortium. As issues arise, this document will be amended.

Cardinal Contact List - This document provides Cardinal libraries with a primary and secondary contact from each system for the ability to gather information when issues arise.