May 2024 New Acquisitions Booklist

Title Author Publication Year Shelving Location Full Call Number Barcode
Challenging history : race, equity, and the practice of public history Worthington, Leah M., (editor) 2021 Adult Nonfiction 305.800975 C437c 33091008361594
One person, one vote : a surprising history of gerrymandering in America Seabrook, Nick 2022 Adult Nonfiction 328.33455 S438o 33091008347213
Beyond innocence : the life sentence of Darryl Hunt : a true story of race, wrongful conviction, and an American reckoning still to come Zerwick, Phoebe 2022 NC Research Room 346.033 Z58b 33091008346892
Illustrated history of the North Carolina State Firefighters' Association, 1887 to 2021 North Carolina Fire Fighters' Association 2022 Adult Nonfiction 363.370 F523i 33091008363293
Ship of blood : mutiny and slaughter aboard the Harry A. Berwind, and the quest for justice Oldham, Charles. 2022 Adult Nonfiction 364.152309756 O44s 33091008361362
Art of the state : celebrating the visual art of North Carolina Roberts, Liza 2022 Adult Nonfiction 709.75609 R648a 33091008363301
Driving the Green Book : a road trip through the living history of Black resistance Hall, Alvin 2023 NC Research Room 917.304 H174d 33091008346934
The Outer Banks gazetteer : the history of place names from Carova to Emerald Isle Payne, Roger L. 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 917.561003 P346o 33091008361479
An expanding frontier : Barcos and related Barkers (1830-1850) Leatherwood, David G. 2021 Adult Storage Reference 929.2 B244Le 1830/1850 33091008361313
The compleat Rankin book : ...or at least what I have so far Willis, Robin Rankin 2022 Adult Storage Reference 929.2 R211W 33091008363426
We are the middle of forever : Indigenous voices from Turtle Island on the changing Earth Jamail, Dahr (editor) 2022 Adult Nonfiction 970.00497 W361w 33091008346967
The 1619 Project : a new origin story Hannah-Jones, Nikole (creator, editor) 2021 NC Research Room 973.0496 H243p 33091008347569
To walk about in freedom : the long emancipation of Priscilla Joyner Emberton, Carole 2022 NC Research Room 973.082 E53t 33091008347270
Eliza Lucas Pinckney : an independent woman in the age of revolution Glover, Lorri 2020 NC Research Room 973.082 G566e 33091008347593
All that can be expected : the Battle of Camden and the British high tide in the South, August 16, 1780 Orrison, Robert 2023 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.3 O75a 33091008366122
Liberty is sweet : the hidden history of the American Revolution Holton, Woody 2022 NC Research Room 973.31 H758l 33091008380123
The people's war : original voices of the American Revolution Rae, Noel (Noel Martin Douglas) 2019 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.31 R134p 33091008379208
Dishonored Americans : the political death of loyalists in revolutionary America Compeau, Timothy 2023 NC Research Room 973.314 C736d 33091008379166
Atlas of the battles and campaigns of the American revolution, 1775-1783 Bonk, David 2023 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.33 B715a 33091008365892
Victory or death : military decisions that changed the course of the American Revolution Crowder, Jack Darrell 2023 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.33 C953v 33091008381105
Freedom : the enduring importance of the American Revolution Warren, Jack D. Jr 2023 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.33 W286f 33091008365942
The Quaker and the Gamecock : Nathanael Greene, Thomas Sumter, and the Revolutionary War for the soul of the South Waters, Andrew 2019 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.33 W329q 33091008347544
The Battle of Musgrove's Mill, 1780 : "Picked men well mounted" Buchanan, John 2022 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.336 B918b 33091008347585
Southern gambit : Cornwallis and the British march to Yorktown Carpenter, Stanley D. M. 2019 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.337 C295s 33091008347056
The story of Yorktown : told by the men who were there Crowder, Jack Darrell 2023 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.337 C953s 33091008379703
Bedford County, Virginia militia, 1774-1783 : identifying Bedford County militia companies during the American Revolutionary War Dunn, Karen J. 2019 Adult Reference 973.3455 D923b 33091008380040
Rebels at sea : privateering in the American Revolution Dolin, Eric Jay 2023 Adult Nonfiction 973.35 D664r 33091008379976
Strange, amazing, and funny events that happened during the Revolutionary War Crowder, Jack Darrell 2019 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.38 C953s 33091008380693
The politics of Black citizenship : free African Americans in the Mid-Atlantic borderland, 1817-1863 Diemer, Andrew K. 2019 Adult Storage Nonfiction 973.5 D561p 33091008366056
Black American prisoners of war held by the British Royal Navy during the War of 1812 Johnson, Eric E. (Eric Eugene) 2023 Adult Reference 973.525 J66b 33091008380073
Historical roster and itinerary of South Carolina volunteer troops who served in the late War between the United States and Spain, 1898 : coupled with brief sketches of their movements from the beginning to the ending of the conflict Floyd, J. W. (Joseph Walker) 2018 Adult Reference 973.894 F645h 33091008379281
Immortal valor : the Black Medal of Honor winners of World War II Child, Robert 2022 NC Research Room 973.917 C536i 33091008366759
Struggling to learn : an intimate history of school desegregation in South Carolina Thomas, June Manning 2021 NC Research Room 973.93 T454s 33091008347601
The southern way of life : meanings of culture and civilization in the American South Wilson, Charles Reagan 2022 NC Research Room 975 W747s 33091008347163
We refuse to forget : a true story of Black Creeks, American identity, and power Gayle, Caleb 2022 NC Research Room 975.004 G287w 33091008347049
Making the Latino South : a history of racial formation 2023 NC Research Room 975.00468 M357m 33091008379521
Moral contagion : Black Atlantic sailors, citizenship, and diplomacy in antebellum America Schoeppner, Michael A. 2020 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.03 S367m 33091008379588
The material world of Eyre Hall : four centuries of Chesapeake history Lounsbury, Carl (editor) 2021 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.5 M425m 33091008366114
The archaeology of Virginia's first peoples Means, Bernard K. (editor) 2020 NC Research Room 975.501 A669a 33091008378986
Dirt don't burn : a Black community's struggle for educational equality under segregation Roeder, Larry W. 2023 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.528 R712d 33091008366825
Annals of Tazewell County Virgina Harman, John Newton Sr 2020 Adult Reference 975.57 H287a 2020 33091008380099
100 stories : the lesser known history of North Carolina Part 2 Hinson, John 2023 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.6 H665o Part 2 33091008379901
Abandoned western North Carolina : echoes in the architecture Atkins, Alexa 2022 NC Research Room 975.60022 A873a 33091008379653
Becoming Catawba : Catawba Indian women and nation-building, 1540-1840 Bauer, Brooke M. 2023 NC Research Room 975.600497 B344b 33091008365991
Hidden history of Chapel Hill Burns, Brian 2023 NC Research Room 975.6565 B967h 33091008379679
Hidden history of the Toe River Valley Hardy, Michael C. 2023 Adult Storage Nonfiction 975.68 H258h 33091008379455
The enslaved and their enslavers : power, resistance, and culture in South Carolina, 1670-1825 Pearson, Edward A. 2024 NC Research Room 975.702 P361e 33091008380305
James Oglethorpe, father of Georgia : a founder's journey from slave trader to abolitionist Thurmond, Michael L. 2024 NC Research Room 975.8 T539j 33091008365876
Choctaw Confederates : the American Civil War in Indian country Yarbrough, Fay A. 2021 NC Research Room 976.00497 Y26c 33091008347288
I've been here all the while : Black freedom on native land Roberts, Alaina E. 2021 Adult Nonfiction 976.6 R643i 33091008366015