Third Party Players

In this section are is some helpful information about using a Third-Party Player too read NLS books and magazines. The intention of this section is to have answers readily available to the more common questions asked by patrons. Please note the library doesn't offer any other support for third-party patron-purchased players. The most commonly used third-party player is the Victor Reader Stream, this is why it has it's own section of answers on this page. This is just to get you started.

Tab/Accordion Items

The main reason why a third-party player won't play books, even when you can get into BARD and download books and magazines, is because it doesn't have a key to unlock the books. In order to comply with the rules of the program, third-party players do NOT come with pre-installed keysTo get a key for your player you need to make sure you have registered or added it on to your BARD account.

To get your Key, register your player:

  1. Log in to BARD. This will take you to the Main Page
  2. Go to the section titled "Additional Links"
  3. Select "Update account settings". This will open up another screen
  4. Select "Add a purchased player". This will take you to the form to add a purchased player to your account
  5. Read the page carefully
  6. Check to make sure your information is correct on the form
  7. Please select the type of player you will be using from the drop down list by entering the first letter of the manufacturer of your player
  8. Select the "Next" button. This will take you to the page to find your Serial Number, which will be used to create your key
  9. Read the instructions carefully
  10. Enter the Serial Number of your player in the box
  11. Select the "Submit Player Request" button. This send the information to the manufacturer of your player
  12. Typically it can take several days to get the key from the manufacturer. Please be patient.
  13. The manufacturer will send the key to the email of your BARD account
  14. Follow the instructions in the email carefully and install your key
  15. Your player should now be able to play NLS books and magazines

Here are some quick tip sheets for various available third-party players. Use them for reference to help you operate them.

Please NOTE: The mention of a product or service here does not constitute endorsement by the library. Our intent is to increase an awareness of programs and items which may be helpful to our patrons.

Victor Reader Stream

Tab/Accordion Items

Use this list of Numeric Key Pad Functions:

  • 1: Bookshelf if pressed, User Guide if pressed and held 2
  • 2: Navigation element
  • 3: Delete
  • 4: Back
  • 5: Where am I?
  • 6: Forward
  • 7: Menu, Text-to-Speech Toggle if pressed and held (if more than one TTS)
  • 8: Navigation Element
  • 9: Text-to-Speech / Recorded audio modes toggle
  • Star (*) key: Cancel if pressed, Key pad Lock if pressed and held
  • 0: Info if pressed (which file is open, how much time has elapsed, and the battery status) Press and hold to turn on Key Describer Mode
  • Pound (#) key: Confirm

Press the INFO (key 0). The serial number is announced at the end of the "About Victor Reader" message. The serial number is also printed in the battery compartment. A valid serial number is 12 digits long, in the format 951500XXXXXX or 951303XXXXXX.

Using Wi-Fi connection:

  1. Turn the device on, press the round button above the 2 to access the online bookshelf.
  2. Press the number 7 to access the menu. Keep pressing 7 until stream says “software updates”.
  3. Press the number 2 until stream says “check for updates.
  4. Press the pound key. If all goes well, the key should install itself.

If you can't connect to Wi-Fi:

  1. Locate the .zip file in your email. You should receive one from Humanware directly.
  2. Open it and find the file with a .kxo extension.
  3. Plug stream into computer turned off, then turn it on. Make sure the SD card is inserted into stream.
  4. An auto play window should appear.
  5. Open the window and drag or paste the .kxo file from step 2.
  6. Safely remove stream, turn it off then on. The key should install at this point.